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Street Fighter x Tekken ganha primeiras imagens oficiais

A poucos dias fizemos um Post mostrando o novo trailer do jogo Street Fighter X Tekken e dessa vez trazemos em primeira mão para você, nosso querido leitor, as primeiras imagens oficiais do jogo Street Fighter x Tekken.

Street Fighter x Tekken chegará as lojas em 2012 para PS3, X-Box 360 e PC.

Confira a galeria de fotos abaixo:

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  1. The problem with SF4/SSF4 is that it’s so much bggeir than any other current fighting game, and probably bggeir than any fighting game since SF2/CE/HF. Maybe there were other games that sold as many copies as SF4/SSF4, but if you look at the size of the community six months or twelve months after release, everything pales in comparison. Games like Mortal Kombat sell a ton of copies but then virtually disappear after the first month.So essentially everyone’s jealous of SF4 because they wish their game was that popular. And this is aggravated by their unwavering certainty that their preferred game is superior. Of course it’s a waste of time to listen to anyone motivated by jealousy because that’s one of the most wasteful emotions of all goddamn time. But the sadness goes deeper than that.See, what it really comes down to is these people thinking that SF4 has reached the very apex of mainstream popularity and that it’s time to tear it down in the interest of restoring universal balance. But they’re too limited by their own experiences and expectations. They shouldn’t be thinking Damn SF4 for being more popular than my favorite game! They should be thinking Will SF4 ever be as popular as Halo or WoW or Poker? Because fighting games still have a looong way to go before we rival WSoP or Nascar. At the end of the day, whether or not SF4 is your favorite fighting game, it certainly represents the fighting game community in the public’s mind at least for now.What jchensor is saying is that it makes more sense to push that further forward and rally other games around its success, rather than undercutting SF4 s chances with bitterness.I mean, is there anything more pathetic than people who hate on something and go out of their way to undermine it just so they can revel in saying I told you so when it fails? Everything goes out of style eventually. You can either make something positive out of it while it lasts. Or you can be a naysayer and chip at the foundation until an earthquake knocks it over so you can be happy on flat land (and later take credit for knocking it down).I mean, i don’t agree with everything in the article but i certainly agree with the overall sentiment. Before SF4 came out, i was really ready to take a break from video games for a long while. Obviously that didn’t happen and somehow for better or worse i’m more involved now than probably ever before.But even if i had taken a completely different path and skipped SF4 altogether, i still wouldn’t go around publicly talking shit about the game simply because i wish CvS2 had been that popular instead.The bottom line is it’s still Street Fighter! How can anyone deny that SF4 s success will help SF5 in terms of production budget, marketing investment, and mainstream buzz? And that goes beyond Street Fighter, because we’re even hearing rumblings about a possible Darkstalkers game.At the end of the day, you can either be an optimist or a pessimist about all this. (Anyone who claims they’re a realist is a poser because nobody has a good handle on what’s going on right now and nobody can predict where this will lead in 3 years.)

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