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  1. I personally recmnmeod the ps3. It comes down to preference though. Do you like what the wii has to offer. The only downside to the wii is that online play is really limited, and its only fun when friends are over. Ps3 and xbox are really similar, but xbox has a lot of hidden costs. If you want to play online then you have to pay xbox live. I really like the free online that the ps3 has to offer. Also xbox 360 is said to have better games, WHICH IS A LIE. The ps3 has many great games such as littlebigplanet, killzone, heavy rain, and resistance. Even after a couple of years, Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of the most beautiful games I have seen. On the xbox, there are a lot of multiplatform games, such as call of duty, or red dead redemption. The only thing that the xbox really has is xbox live, if you are really willing to pay for it. It is a nice experience, and most of my friends are using it. Xbox has a better online experience, but maybe the ps3 might update its own service to match xbox. Also the ps3 is more than a gaming console, it has blu ray, it can stream media and it can browse the internet. What you choose is purely up to you, but I love my ps3. I provided some links about the costs of the ps3 and the OLD xbox. Good luck.

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