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Novas imagens de Sonic Generations

Foram divulgadas as novas imagens do jogo Sonic Generations, o game que originalmente era de Mega Drive, agora será lançado para Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3 e Xbox-360.

O jogo Sonic Generations será lançado no próximo dia 22 de novembro, confira as imagens abaixo:

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  1. Lmfao just for a laugh I’m gonna rent this just for a laugh then rent COD MW3 for coop missions only.The Olympic S&M games are bad but its that kind of bad that makes me wanna play it for a huge laugh.Come on don’t tell you found it funny the idea of sonic (who can’t rellay swim) swiming in, The River Thames lol.I wish metal sonic was dashing around london right in real life, we could use someone with the balls to reduce the rioters and protestors in this city lol.

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